TICKBASE PRESENTATION - Datathon Preparation

February 27, 2023

Barrie Robison



Objective: Present an integrated collaboration framework for the Tickbase Outreach and Education projects that will facilitate integration into the datathon components of our annual meeting.

  1. Framework
  2. Team
  3. Projects
  4. Opportunities


  1. Quarto / RStudio
  2. GitHub Repository
  3. GitHub Pages

FRAMEWORK 1: Qarto / RStudio

We need a way to collaborate that:

  1. Can accomodate users of varying technical backgrounds.
  2. Is flexible in terms of publishing formats (html, websites, blogs, documents, presentations, etc).
  3. Can accomodate code exampes from the main data science languages (R, Python, Observable, etc).

Enter Literate Programming with Quarto!

FRAMEWORK 2: GitHub Repository

We are rebuilding the Polymorphic Games website as a public GitHub repository. This allows us to:

  1. Easily invite collaborators to help us generate and modify content.
  2. Help students from all technical backgrounds build skills in literate programming, reproducible research, and version control.
  3. Facilitate regular team updates through public blog posts.
  4. Provide much more detailed content about each project, allowing team members and collaborators to readily access information (How did that model work?) and assets (I want that one movie for my seminar!).

FRAMEWORK 3: GitHub Pages

We are currently hosting the website using GitHub Pages. This allows us to:

  1. Collaborate on the website for the projects.
  2. Eliminate the intermediary of a professional web developer* (Can you update this thing for me?).
  3. Still point to our domain name (www.polymorphicgames.com).


Wow, I wish I had all the information so I could make a slide about our developers…

Oh wait… HERE IT IS!


  1. Outbreak Simulator
  2. Project Drider
  3. TwinStick


  1. Lesson plans, activities, demo ideas, use cases.
  2. Model improvements, feature additions.
  3. Communications (blogs, website, youtube, etc)